You might be wondering, what is all this fuss about Tiny Home’s still not being legal?

Why are Tiny Home Communities getting shut down in Oakland?

I thought the city has all these tiny house villages? What about the shelter crisis, the eviction moratorium and the Pandemic, this can’t be right.

All of those things are true and yet we are still at a place where people on private property are faced with escalating fines, property liens and eventually warrants if they do not comply with demands to end their affordable housing. …

What the observant resident of Oakland, California might perceive is an interesting set of parallel themes across the desperate people seeking asylum in developed nations and desperate people seeking asylum in developed city centers.

In both cases, the people who are desperate are stigmatized for their desperation.

In both cases, they are seeking to be inside climates that can potentially be beneficial for them.

In both cases, their status as immigrant or undocumented, or homeless or poor, is what keeps them systemically at arm’s length from the resources they seek, safety, security, comfortable standard of living. …

Adam Garrett-Clark

Journalist, Tiny Home Pioneer, Podcaster.

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